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bunny go boom.



.politically incorrect.
This is the quote-unquote journal of a messed-up fourteen year old who has actually found a quote-unquote goal to work for has nothing better to do in life but lock herself up in a room and study has finally stopped her aimless drifting and is now working for something has had to wade through more lard than any person has a right to wade through in a single lifetime is just trying to find her way back home.

Yeah, she's biased and politically incorrect, so sue her. Lol,why is she referring to herself in the third person?
The so-called emo quartet started with a failure, did you know that? Well, an almost-failure. 'Twas a dark and stormy night weekend at the beach. A planned one. You know how the universe is with plans. The almost-failure was that almost no one could go. Heck, it wasn't even sure if we could have the proposed venue. Well, as it turns out, we could. Didn't change anyone's schedule, though. You can guess who went. XD

Well, what can I say? Everyone else already said almost everything. XD Those three days were the awesomest ever - eh, but you know, turns out every day spent with them turns out awesome in one way or another. Emo weekend was one of the best things ever, you see - and when you share one of the best things ever with people, the bonds tend to stick. So, yeah, emo weekend it was. Thank God forever and ever I went through one. And thank God even more I went through one with them.